Young Economist Award - 2021

The France Israel Foundation organizes two prizes for young economists, awarded every year, to honor a French and an Israeli young economist whose work has gained international distinction.

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Conditions of eligibility:

  • 40 years for a French economist on December 31, 2019

  • 45 years for an Israeli economist (because of the length of military service) on December 31, 2019

The  two prizes are awarded once a year and are granted for a very high quality research in any economic domain.

The jury is composed of 6 members designated by the FIF 

3 Israeli and 3 French members

  • Professor Philippe Aghion, Harvard and chair of the department of economy at College de France

  • Professor Elhanan Helpman, president of the jury, Harvard

  • Professor Helene Rey, London Scholol of economics

  • Professor Nathan Sussman, Hebrew University

  • Professor Manuel Trajtenberg Tel Aviv University

  • Professor Jean Tirole, Nobel Prize, Toulouse school of economics.


Prizes worth 40000 euros each will be awarded either in France or in Israel according to the decision of the FFI.

The candidates will be nominated by institutions or individual researchers.) (cf bylaws)


The dossiers are to be sent before February 1st, 2020 to 


Records must include:

  • a letter of sponsorship signed by the person or institution that recommends it

  • a one-page statement explaining how this candidate deserves this award

  • a list of the 3 major publications of the candidate

  • the curriculum vitae of the candidate

  • the name of the candidate and his institutional affiliation

Gabriel Zucman and Itay Saporta-Eksten are the winners of the prestigious 2021 Young Economist Prize from the France-Israel Foundation.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Each year, the Foundation awards two prizes to young French and Israeli economists whose work has acquired international renown.

Gabriel Zucman - French winner of the Young Economist Prize 2021

Professor Zucman has advanced important areas of research, revived in the process some that had been dormant for many years. His work is notable for its concern with issues of first-order importance, its creativity and its thoroughness. First, Zucman’s has shed new light on the quantitative importance of tax havens. Second, in joint work with Piketty and Saez, he integrated the analysis of income inequality with national accounts and produced estimates of the distribution of all national income in the United States back to 2013. Their approach allows for careful examination of differences between pretax and post-tax inequality and the roles of capital and labor income in its evolution over time. Third, in joint work with Saez he has advanced the measurement of wealth inequality. For these contributions he is awarded the France Israel Young Economist Prize.

Itay Saporta-Eksten - Israeli Winner of the Young Economist Award 2021

Dr. Saporta-Eksten made important contributions to two areas of research: the role of

household behavior in consumption and labor supply and the role of firm behavior in shaping

productivity. His research has linked microeconomic elements to macroeconomic phenomena.

This work is distinguished by a sophisticated combination of theoretical models and empirical

analysis. In a particularly influential paper, jointly written with Bloom, Floetotto, Jaimovich and

Terry, he documents new facts about business cycles using firm-level data. The paper shows

that “uncertainty shocks” are important determinants of business cycles and that these shocks

can cause firms to become so cautious as to make fiscal policy ineffective in expanding

economic activity. In another influential paper, joint with Blundell and Pistaferri, he develops a

novel two-earner life-cycle model of consumption and labor supply. After estimating the

model, the paper details new insights on the transmission of earning shocks into consumption.

For these contributions he is awarded the France Israel Young Economist Prize.

Gabriel Zucman and Itay Saporta-Eksten win the 2021 Young Economist Prize from the France-Israel Foundation

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