Since its creation, millions of Jews have been able to join Israel  and integrate it ...


900 localities and the main infrastructures were created: El Al, the Electricity Company ...


Keren Hayesod is present in 47 countries on 5 continents.


Today Keren Hayesod in France is at the heart of Israeli society for:

-          Reduce the social divide

-          Connecting the youth of France to Israel

-          Respond to the urgencies of the moment: war, terrorism, etc.



A project supported by the FRANCE ISRAEL FOUNDATION


Keren Hayesod has formed a partnership with the France Israel Foundation to support one of its flagship programs, Massa, which allows young people aged between 18 and 30 to spend 5 to 10 months in Israel, in an academic setting or professional internships. Massa offers them a unique experience that enriches them humanly and brings them another vision of Israel



keren hayessod.png


We propose you to support the Maguen David Adom by contributing to reinforce the program International Unity whose vocation is the training of French doctors in emergency medical assistance in Israel.

They are now 160 doctors across France, from Paris, Marseille, Nice, Montpellier and other cities.
They decided to join this program and become volunteers in the MDA intervention teams.

In concrete terms, these women and men help save lives in Israel; they bring to the Maguen David Adom their skills by joining a humanitarian mission that is based on the values that unite us: Generosity, Caring and Brotherhood.


In the event of a major humanitarian disaster, the International Unit is called upon to join the MDA teams in Israel and thus strengthen the rescue units. To do this, French doctors undergo an intensive training of at least one week per year in Israel, attend training upgrades in France and regularly carry out guards in MDA ambulances when they stay in Israel.


The doctors of the International Unit also distinguished themselves through very beautiful actions in France, by providing in particular in the schools, the community centers, near associations and private individuals, first aid trainings. So, no less than 4,000 people are initiated each year to the actions that save. Adults, adolescents and children we are all concerned by the acquisition of this precious knowledge.



The International Unit of MDA France
MDA missions
The Maguen David Adom in Israel is
the national organization of pre-hospital relief. Every year, 17,000 rescuers respond to 2,000,000 emergency calls. Heart attacks, attacks, road accidents ... our average response time is 4.6 minutes, every 38 seconds an ambulance leaves its base for rescue a wounded patient or patient.


The MDA has among its prerogatives, the management of the National Blood Bank in Israel. Every year, nearly 400,000 blood units are collected, processed and distributed by our organization to all hospitals in the country.


Finally, as a Red Cross Society, the Maguen David Adom intervenes on humanitarian missions in Israel for the benefit of the poorest (150,000 food parcels collected and distributed every eve of the holiday) but also all over the world in order to help and medical aid in case of major disaster (Haiti, Nepal, Benin, Kenya ...)
MDA missions



hadassa france.png




Hadassah France is an association which was founded in 1985 to support the Hadassah University Hospital and to develop scientific research cooperation projects between France and Israel. 

Within this framework, Hadassah France is entitled to receive bequests and donations which are tax-deductible (IR, IS, and IFI).

Nowadays, the essential focus of the mission of Hadassah France is the support for medical research in France and Israel.

In 2019, thanks to the generous supports of its donors and partners - including the France Israel Foundation - Hadassah France will back up two essential medical fields :
Oncology, particularly pulmonary-oncology, and Reconstructive Surgery.

Furthermore, Hadassah France and its stakeholders support to those fields will be global :
- Acquisition of equipment for Hadassah University Hospital
- Development of collaborative research projects between France and Israel

- Organisation of thematic conferences
- Knowledge sharing between medical professionals 


The Hadassah University Hospital is world-famous for its century of history, for the Nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005, and numerous international discoveries (including fields such as cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, multiple sclerosis and stem cell research).

Furthermore, the Hadassah University Hospital in Jerusalem, as a world-renowned center of excellence, is at the forefront of the development of international partnerships. Currently, Hadassah France is involved in numerous partnerships with major French medical institutions, within a framework of novel French-Israeli cooperation projects, including: 

-       The Necker Hospital, in the field of haematology and pediatrics

-       The Saint-Louis Hospital, in the field of digestive surgery

-       The Georges-Pompidou European Hospital, in the field of cardiology, notably the bicuspid aortic valve

-       The Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital, in the field of oncology

-       Toulouse University Hospital, with the internship over several months of a French medical student at the Hadassah University Hospital in Jerusalem

-       The Vision Institute of Paris, headed by Professor José Sahel, in the field of retinitis pigmentosa and age-related macular degeneration (AMD)

In the past, multiple partnerships have been created with several French institutions such as the Gustave-Roussy Cancer Campus, the Necker-Enfants Malades children’s hospital in Paris, the Nice University Hospital, the Blood Vessels Institute in Paris, and the Paris public hospital system, the AP-HP.


Taglit-Birthright Israel was created in 2000 to ensure the continuity of the Jewish people. Its mission is to combat growing assimilation by strengthening the ties of young Jewish adults to their heritage, their identity, the Jewish people and the state of Israel.


Taglit is the largest educational and teaching project in the Jewish world. Since its creation, 750,000 young people between the ages of 18 and 26 from 68 countries participated in this program. Among them, more than 100,000 were Israeli soldiers their age.

In France, while the community is experiencing difficult times with a disturbing rise of antiSemitism, TAGLIT is more essential than ever.


Thanks to this exciting stay in Israel, we give our children the arguments and knowledge necessary to face and counter disinformation and hatred.


We are preparing the Jewish community of tomorrow by creating the desire in our young people to invest in Jewish life and the values ​​that compose it.


We create an unwavering bond with Israel, which can be expressed both the private and the professional sphere

Our children will have a role to play in French society as a citizen, as a Jew and as a member of a community.


Support us so that we can make them the essential link between French Jews, French society and Israel.


Taglit France

Mail          :

Site            :

Tel             : 01 44 93 41 43    


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image ENSAE.jpg


Ben Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) is the fastest growing research university in Israel. With 20,000 students, 4,000 staff and faculty and three campuses in Beer-Sheva, Sde Boker and Eilat, BGU is a force for change that embodies the vision of David Ben-Gurion, the first legendary Prime Minister of Israel. , who envisioned the future of Israel emerging from the Negev. The University is at the heart of Beersheva’s transformation into the nation’s cyber capital, with leading multinational companies leveraging BGU’s expertise to generate innovative R&D.


At the time of its fiftieth anniversary, the mission of the BGU is to continue to effect change, locally, regionally and internationally. With faculties in engineering sciences; Health Sciences ; natural Sciences ; Humanities and Social Sciences ; business and management; and studies of the desert, BGU is a university with a conscience that acts both at the frontiers of science and within the community. Over a third of our students participate in one of the most developed community action programs in the world. The university is a recognized national and world leader in many fields. It actively encourages multidisciplinary collaborations with government and industry and nurtures entrepreneurship and innovation in all its forms.



Located in the middle of the desert, Ben Gurion University of the Negev works tirelessly to transform the desert into a source of life for the benefit of all humanity, among other things, with the help of French collaborations. Researchers at its Institute of French Friends for Agriculture and Biotechnology in arid lands carry out basic and applied research to provide sustainable agricultural solutions in arid areas where conventional or traditional farming methods are difficult, if not impossible, to enforce. Science is trying to meet the needs of people living in these drought-affected areas by seeking to alleviate food security problems and working to promote engines of economic growth. Drought, high water salinity, extreme temperatures and high light intensities inherently pose great challenges to people, flora and fauna.


Also in the area of ​​agriculture and space, the Franco-Israeli satellite for research on the environment VENµS (Vegetation and Environment monitoring on a New Micro-Satellite) whose main Israeli researcher is a member of the faculty of BGU has was launched in 2017 in collaboration with CNES. The satellite collects data on agricultural fields to study the state of the land and other natural resources such as foliage, reforestation and water quality.




Le Technion France, représentation française de l'université du Technion - Israel Institute of Technology a pour mission de promouvoir le Technion en France et en Europe francophone, et de valoriser les réalisations et les projets du Technion dans les domaines de la recherche scientifique et technologique. 


De plus, il entend développer les collaborations, synergies et connexions entre les deux écosystèmes français et israélien.

Enfin, il apporte un soutien matériel et financier au Technion pour favoriser son développement, apporter une aide aux étudiants et financer ses projets de  recherche.

En savoir plus

L’Université du Technion, fleuron de l’innovation, joue un rôle essentiel pour l’avancée scientifique, en Israël et dans le monde.


Véritable MIT du Moyen-Orient, berceau de l’Innovation, le Technion – Israël Institute of Technology, s’est affirmé comme un acteur essentiel de la Start-up Nation, en faveur de l’Education, l’Excellence, le développement de la science pour le progrès de l’humanité.


Le Technion propose principalement des formations et  programmes de recherche dans les domaines de la science, de l’ingénierie, de la médecine, de la gestion industrielle, de l’architecture, de l’urbanisme, et de l’intelligence artificielle.


Des découvertes scientifiques issues des laboratoires du Technion ont constitué de véritables révolutions technologiques et industrielles dans leurs domaines : la clé USB, la caméra pilule à avaler, la rasagiline utilisée pour le traitement de la maladie de Parkinson, l’algorithme Lempel-Ziv-Welch, permettant la compression de données nécessaire pour l’envoi de PDF ou de GIF, le système d’irrigation au goutte à goutte, le robot-serpent capable de secourir des survivants en cas de catastrophe naturelle… et de nombreuses autres.


Des projets de recherches prometteurs dans les domaines médical (recherche autour de la détection et du traitement du cancer ou de la maladie d’Alzheimer, robotique, imagerie médicale…) ; environnemental (production d’énergies alternatives, production et traitement de l’eau…) ; spatial (nanosatellites, ingénierie biomimétique…) ; des nanotechnologies, des biotechnologies, de la cybersécurité, des mathématiques, du génie électrique, de l’informatique, de l’aéronautique... font aujourd’hui l’objet de toutes les attentions. 


Notamment, la santé est un pôle majeur du Technion et au delà des recherches habituelles et nombreuses, 45 laboratoires se sont mobilisés ces dernières semaines dans la lutte contre le Covid-19, tâchant d’apporter les solutions les plus innovantes en termes de diagnostic, de traitement, de recherche vaccinale, et de protection des soignants.


La méthode d’administration de médicament LIFT (Liquid Foam Therapy, littéralement, « thérapie par mousse liquide ») permet par exemple d’améliorer de façon significative l'efficacité du traitement du syndrome de détresse respiratoire aiguë, caractéristique des cas graves du coronavirus, ou encore, le patch de protection anti-virus Maya à apposer sur le masque chirurgical protège le personnel médical en neutralisant les nanoparticules du virus présents dans l’air environnant.  


La crise que nous traversons nous rappelle à quel point la recherche est essentielle, se mobiliser pour lui donner les moyens d’agir est devenu une priorité.


Soutenir le Technion, c’est avant tout soutenir le progrès scientifique et technologique, en permettant le développement de ses projets de recherche et programmes innovants.

En savoir plus


SCHIBBOLETH - The actual of Freud -, whose multidisciplinary research, teaching, meetings and exchanges, are the finalities, thus works regularly in privileged partnership with institutions such as:

More Information:



For more than 10 years, The international and inter-university Schibboleth - The actuel of Freud - Association, offers to a wide and numerous public to meet great intellectuals, clinicians, academical researchers, authors, notorious specialists, from different backgrounds and from all disciplines, psychoanalysis and psychopathology, law, history, sociology and anthropology, philosophy, analysis of images and speeches, political, economic, social sciences, and human and living, geopolitics, the study of cultures and peoples, ideologies, religions, literature and the arts and plastics, medicine, science and bioethics ... although seminars, Conferences, publications and symposiums, open to all, to think together about our time, our world, and find out how to do it.

Over the years, especially between France and Israël, a probably unique and important cultural and scientific group, by it’s quality, its high level and its rigor, a style, a space and a rhythm of reflection and debate have thus been created.

This undertaking is based on various genealogies of fundamental thought, notably that of Freud, Jewish thought, with which it finds a method, an ethics of truth and responsibility, of thought and action, and a requirement of intellectual elevation, and builds a real clinical contemporary - able to probe, study the state of the world and language, read and analyze the news, discern and apprehend the malaise and denial, characterize the signs as so many symptoms, identify the key human and societal issues and their civilizational issues. It participates in and to a work of culture, for a "progress in the life of the spirit" and a defense against the human destructiveness and its anthropological regressions; its purpose: to name, analyze, decipher the evolutions of individual and collective social and psychic life - and to transmit and build an ethic for now and tomorrow; to meet people and knowledge, read, write, translate, organize, present, make known, disseminate, compose, edit, question, educate.



Association des Amis du MUsée du monde SEFarade.

Ce musée parisien, sans équivalent dans le monde entier, fera exister ce qui n’est plus, en retraçant l’histoire et la culture de ces communautés juives disparues en quelques années sans faire de bruit. Amujex a pour vocation de le préfigurer, de faire son projet scientifique et culturel, de choisir son emplacement et son maître d’œuvre et de lever les fonds nécessaires à sa réalisation.




bet halochem.png

A “Second Home” – Beit Halochem Centers


Beit Halochem is a unique rehabilitation, sports and recreation center serving disabled veterans and their families. It provides a place where the disabled undergo the various treatments, which they need for as long as they live. Emphasis is placed on sport as a rehabilitative tool along with a wide array of social and cultural programs.

Beit Halochem applies the philosophy that the disabled should be cared for in an environment that is both congenial to them and to those around them. In keeping with that philosophy, it offers a variety of activities to occupy the family grown-ups and children alike.

An important feature at Beit Halochem is the meeting of “generations”, bringing together old-timers with newcomers 



1/3 of all food produced in Israel is wasted; at the same time, 1.7 million Israelis live below the poverty line, including children, immigrants, the invalid-elderly and more. This paradox led in 2003, to the creation of Leket Israel - The National Food Bank and largest food rescue network.


Leket Israel sources and rescues an estimated 18,200 tons of fresh produce and prepared meals annually to alleviate food insecurity throughout Israel. Leket feeds 175,000+ Israelis in need each week through its partnership with 200 nonprofit organizations. The NPOs include soup kitchens, after school programs for children at risk, day care centers for the elderly and more. A diverse population of Israel’s poor of all backgrounds receive the fresh food. 


leket israel.png

Leket Israel, Israel's National Food Bank and food rescue organization


Pro-Environment: Leket Israel makes efficient use of limited food resources, while reducing waste slated for landfills and resulting methane emissions. The organization is “Greenhouse Energy Efficient Certified” and is carbon footprint smart.


Sustainability and Fair Access: By reclaiming and redistributing food that would have otherwise gone to waste, Leket Israel is providing a sustainable solution to the inevitable excess and is increasing food access to those who need it most.


Collaborative: 1,000+ food producers (farmers, hotels, the Israeli army and more) supply excess produce and meals to Leket Israel; the food then goes to nonprofits and schools in over 70 cities in Israel.


Volunteerism: Thousands of people from Israel and overseas volunteer annually; of these 60% are children and young adults. Israeli companies also provide significant support, with hundreds of corporate groups volunteering annually.

Diversity: Leket Israel employs a diverse mix of Jews, Muslim Arabs, Bedouin, and immigrants from Russia and Ethiopia, ensuring equal access to official wage slips, employee development, and extensive social benefits.


Food Safe and Professional: As an umbrella organization, Leket Israel supports nonprofits through nutrition education, capacity building, and food safety projects to enhance their professional standards.


Global Stewardship: Leket Israel was inducted as the official Israeli representative of the Global FoodBanking Network (GFN) in 2011, an organization that incorporates food banks from throughout the world to share information and provide training and guidance. Leket Israel often acts as an advisor to food banks from the developing world and is a regular presenter at GFN conferences.



Aux origines...

Il y a 10 ans, ma mère nous quittait brutalement laissant pour héritage un amour des autres sans limite, plus particulièrement des enfants injustement touchés par la maladie. Laborantine durant plus de 30 ans, elle connaissait aussi bien le courage des petits face aux épreuves que la souffrance des parents.

Nos ambitions !
Il était naturel pour ses enfants de continuer dans cette voie, alors en Novembre 2008, j’ai créé l’association Un Cadeau Pour La Vie et accompagné de bénévoles, je parcours les hôpitaux pédiatriques afin d’améliorer le bien-être des enfants malades, du petit cadeau courage jusqu’à la réalisation de rêves d’enfants en passant par les goûters à thème, la décoration de services, et bien d’autres encore. Nous sommes à la disposition des soignés et des soignants afin de répondre à leurs besoins.


Une aventure au service des enfants… 

C’est tous ensemble que nous pouvons améliorer les choses, et je n’ai rien connu d’aussi fort émotionnellement qu’un enfant hospitalisé qui vit son rêve le plus fou, jamais je n’oublierais le sourire de ces enfants lorsqu’on fête leur anniversaire, et le regard bienveillant de leurs parents. Il s’agit de permettre une parenthèse agréable dans ce que la vie offre de pire.

Nous intervenons à la demande des hôpitaux israéliens afin de les aider à mieux prendre en charge les enfants malades, le dévouement des français de l’étranger se met au service des petits patients Israéliens.  

Née de cette expérience et de cette volonté, l’association ouvre en 2017 son antenne Israélienne «  Matana Lahaim » afin d’y mener les mêmes actions, aidée par les bénévoles ayant fait leur alya..Ainsi ils continuent les belles actions dans les hôpitaux des principales villes d’Israel.

Nous intervenons sans distinction de pathologie. Du cadeau pour encourager les enfants ayant des soins douloureux , jusqu'à la décoration de service , en passant par la réalisation de rêves d’enfants , les animations et le financement de matériels favorisant le bien être à l’hôpital , notre champ d’action est large et n’a qu’un seul but : redonner le sourire aux enfants hospitalisés.


Pour continuer à mener à bien ces actions, nous avons besoin d’être entouré et aidé.


Since 2005, A Heart for Peace has had Palestinian children suffering from serious, often fatal heart defects operated free of charge by teams of Israeli and Palestinian doctors working hand in hand at the Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem and training Palestinian caregivers.

In 2019, A Heart for Peace will focus on training Palestinian caregivers who are determined to work in the West Bank to develop expertise in pediatric cardiology and genetic counseling.


In this region of the world, the Middle East, the number of congenital heart diseases is still very high due to the numerous consanguineous marriages, of the order of 45%.



Every year, more than 1000 children in Israel are diagnosed with cancer. Due to the grim diagnosis of the disease, hospitalization and treatments, the children and their families face many emotional, functional and economic challenges, including: anxiety, despair, confusion, lack of information and the ability to prioritize fatigue isolation, dealing with institutions and logistical organization of the family, purchasing pharmaceutical drugs, finding financial support when the parent's income is affected, and more. After the hospitalization period, when the children return home, the families deal with challenges such as reintegration into their own lives combined with the routine of monitoring the treatments.

To make it easier to deal with these challenges, the non-profit organization 'Larger than Life' was founded in 2000 with the aim of improving the quality of life and wellbeing of children with cancer and their families, all over the country, regardless of religion, gender and nationality. 

Our vision is to support children and their families by creating joyfull expreriences while continuing to improve the quality of care and medical conditions for the children.

Since it was founded, 'Larger than Life' has helped more than 15,000 children to cope with cancer, through activities that focus on three areas :

  • Happiness: We operate an emotional and social support for childre with cancer and their families. Our activities give them moments of happiness and respite from the difficult routine of treatments, and increase the children's enjoyment of life, with the hope of giving them the strength they need to deal with the disease. 

  • Health: We support the pediatric oncology department in israeli hospitals by improving the quality of medical care, purchasing advanced medical equipment, improving hospitalization conditions, financing drugs and treatments not included in the state health services, funding additional social and medical team positions, building activity rooms for children, and more. 

  • Hope: We work to increase public awareness and improve legislation regarding the rights of children te receive the best treatments and medications, as well as invest in education and gathering information on the disease and the challenges it poses. we also offer children in recovery the opportunity to participate in long-term, empowering processes that facilitate their return to their regular, routine lives. 



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Assistance  aux SURVIVANTS de la SHOAH

Distribution quotidienne de Repas dans les Ecoles



Partenaire actif de l'hôpital RAMBAM à HAIFA



Distribution de BOURSES

Soutiens psychologiques et pédagogiques



Assistance aux nouveaux immigrants et aux personnes en grandes difficultés

Here is the FOOD CREDIT CARD sponsored by KELIAH, in partnership with town halls and distributed to the most disadvantaged in ISRAEL.

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00:00 / 00:41


The concept - 


The Benji House, was build in 2012 in memory of the commander Benji Hillman (ז"ל) fallen in combat during the second Lebanon war (2008). The house provides 87 combat soldiers with the status of "lone soldier” a private studio for the duration of their military service.

Resident soldiers enjoy the highest level of comfort, including: the privacy of their own room, three meals a day, a laundry service provided by volunteers, large indoor and outdoor public spaces, etc. In addition to this material support, the House of Benji also offers a warm family environment, community and emotional support - a winning combination that gives the lone soldier a true sense of belonging.

With their physical and emotional needs taken care of, they can focus their energies on being excellent soldiers.

Benji's House continues to support lone soldiers after their release from the IDF, helping them take their first steps in civilian life to integrate into Israeli society as independent and productive citizens. The "orientation center" is an entity that operates within the Benji House and is also open to non-resident soldiers.

Until today, the referral center has helped over 1,500 lone soldiers. Among the soldiers assisted by the Orientation Center, 90% chose to stay in Israel - a percentage much higher than the 25-50% of the general population of lone soldiers who remain after the end of their military service.

The orientation and support process begins 2 months before the end of military service, providing assistance in finding employment, finding and furnishing accommodation, managing personal finances, higher education and scholarships as well as navigating the bureaucracy Israeli (which is not simple). An individual mentor, who "matches" the soldier's profile, will support him in this difficult transition to civilian life.

The Benji Hillman Foundation (the foundation managing Benji's house) invites you to take part in a unique project in Israel which supports the Zionist approach of many young people who choose to join the ranks of the IDF despite their status as lone combatant soldier.

We believe these young soldiers deserve the support of the diaspora. This support will help to improve the lives of the young men and women who fulfill the Zionist dream of protecting the land we all love so much.

The new house, which will cover 2,500 square meters, will include:

  • Private studio for 93 single soldiers fighting with a total capacity of 87 to 180 soldiers

  • Four floors and a basement.

  • Public spaces - including an entrance hall, a club room, a kosher kitchen, a dining room, a fitness area and a large garden.

  • Three offices for the staff.


The project involves a budget of $ 3.5 million to cover the construction costs of this 2nd house.


It would be a privilege for us to honor your donation by naming one of the rooms or one of the public areas of the new house in your name or in memory of your loved one.

By partnering with us, you will allow lone soldiers to serve and reach their full potential. You can also be sure that this 2nd project will be managed with the highest standards of efficiency and professionalism like the 1st house we are responsible for.

On behalf of all the soldiers and our organization, we thank you in advance for your consideration.

Bayit Benji.jpg



L’Association pour les Conférences de Psychiatrie de l’Enfant et de l’Adolescent de langue Française en Israël est une association régie par la loi de 1901 sans but lucratif. COPELFI a été fondée en 1989 à l’initiative de Sam TYANO, professeur de Psychiatrie de l’Enfant et de l’Adolescent à Tel-Aviv, et de Michel VINCENT, Psychiatre, psychanalyste du Centre Alfred Binet, le département de Psychiatrie de l’Enfant et de l’Adolescent de l’Association pour la Santé Mentale dans le 13° arrondissement de Paris a constitué son premier siège social. Elle est aujourd’hui présidée par Eric Ghozlan, psychologue clinicien, psychanalyste et universitaire côté français et relayée par le Dr Dolly Amoyelle, pédopsychiatre, côté israélien.

Depuis près de 30 ans, l’association est très active dans les échanges scientifiques franco israéliens dans le domaine de la psychiatrie et de la psychologie de l’enfant et de l’adolescent par l’organisation chaque année de journées en France dans les universités ou centre hospitaliers de Paris et de province et tous les deux ans par l’organisation d’une conférence d’une semaine en Israël pendant la période des vacances de la Toussaint.

L’association regroupe des professionnels de santé mentale des deux pays et s’appuie sur le réseau constitué par les membres de son Conseil d’Administration constitué de 21 membres dont un certain nombre sont des professeurs des universités françaises et/ou chefs de service des hôpitaux (Rennes, Paris, Nice, Université Amiens, Université Paris Diderot…).

La réputation sur le plan scientifique de notre association est établie et nous permet d’associer les responsables des grandes sociétés savantes françaises et israéliennes parmi lesquelles pour la France la SFPEADA Société Française de Psychiatrie de l’Enfant et de l’adolescent et Disciplines Associées dont je fais partie du Conseil scientifique, la Société Française de Psychiatrie, le magazine Perspectives Psy et côté israélien, la Société Israélienne de Psychiatrie de l’Enfant et de l’Adolescent et la Société Israélienne de Psychanalyse de l’Enfant et de l’Adolescent. Par ailleurs les Universités Paris-Diderot, Jules Vernes de Picardie et occasionnellement d’autres universités sont partenaires impliquées dans nos échanges avec les universités israéliennes de Jérusalem et de Tel Aviv.

Comme vous pouvez le constater en consultant le programme de notre dernière conférence en Israël en 2016, notre programme d’activité allie conférences scientifiques, culturelles et visites d’institutions publiques et privées œuvrant dans le champ des soins psychiatriques aux enfants et adolescents.

Le principe affirmé de nos échanges scientifiques inter institutionnels et inter universitaires s’appuient sur l’invitation et la participation systématique de professionnels des deux pays. Ainsi chaque journée organisée en France dans un centre hospitalier ou dans une université française est l’occasion d’un échange approfondi entre le public (entre 150 et 300 personnes) et nos intervenants dont au moins un professionnel israélien est invité d’honneur. Cette action contribue également à lutter contre les tentatives de boycott des universitaires israéliens.

Journées françaises en 2016 et 2017 et XIVème conférence en Israël 

L’année 2016 a été très riche en rencontres et échanges scientifiques entre les professionnels des deux pays avec en point d’orgue la XIVème conférence en Israël du 26 octobre au 2 novembre 2016 ponctuée par la réception organisée entre l’honneur de COPELFI en présence de Mme l’ambassadrice Hélène Le Gal à l’Institut Français de Tel-Aviv qui nous annoncé vouloir soutenir dans le cadre de l’année croisée France Israël notre XVème conférence prévue en 2018. 

Journée de Paris « Autour de la pensée de Bernard Golse et des soins à la petite enfance » à l’Hôpital Necker enfants malades le 10 janvier 2016 en présence de note invitée israélienne, la pédopsychiatre Mri Keren, présidente de l’Association mondiale de santé mentale du bébé (WAIMH).

Journée de Lyon le 4 mars 2016 à l’Hôpital Vinatier organisée par les Prs Sylvie Tordjman, membre de notre CA et Nicolas Georgieff autour de « L’autisme ». Alexandre Aiss, directeur d’un institut pour enfants autistesBeith Shemesh en Israëlfut l’invité de Copelfi à cette occasion.

Journée de Marseille le 29 avril à l’Hôpital Valvert sur le thème « L’enfant qui n’apprend pas ».


La XIVème conférence en Israël du 26 octobre au 2 novembre 2016, intitulée : PASSEURS DE TEMPS Le Temps dans la rencontre thérapeutique. L'enfance et l'adolescence en tant que passage culturel et identitaire (cf PJ) avec la participation active du Président de la Société Française de Psychiatrie de l’Enfant et de l’Adolescent (SFPEADA), Pr Michel WAWRZINIAK

Activités de l’année 2018

Journée du 24 mai 2018 à l’Université Paris Diderot

Nous proposons cette nouvelle rencontre avec COPELFI et l’ALFEST (Association de Langue Française d’Etude du Stress Traumatique) en partenariat avec l’Université Paris Diderot pour interroger l’impact traumatique des attentats terroristes modulé par la répétition et la durée, avec une ouverture à l’international, avec le partage d’expérience de professionnels d’Espagne et d’Israël également confrontés à la gestion de crises à répétition.


INTERVENANTS : Paul Laurent Assoun, Florence Askenazy (Nice), Thierry Baubet (ALFEST), Roland Chémama, Jacques Dayan, Eric Ghozlan, muriel Katz (Suisse), Christian Hoffmann, Ouriel Rosenblum, Sam Tyano (Israël), Dominique Sabbah (Espagne), Gilbert Vila (ALFEST)


XVème conférence de COPELFI en Israël octobre 2018

Nous organisons en Israël du 21 au 28 octobre 2018, notre XVème conférence sur le thème du terrorisme malheureusement très actuel pour nos deux pays. Ce thème «  Traumas, terreur, terrorismes : vague après vague… » dont le programme s’inscrit dans la poursuite de nos travaux inaugurés Boris Cyrulnik en 2014 qui a participé à notre XIIème conférence intitulée « Autour de la transmission » 



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Rebranding the image of Israel 

Israel and Yoo is about the Israeli people, its multicultural society, its unique diversity, creativity, innovation and much more.

Discover what is to be Israeli through the interviews of these extra-ordinary citizens in different fields and grasp the thousands facets of the Israeli society.

Welcome aboard Israel and Yoo - a fresh and new media to discover a land and its people, with a prestigious past and a future of thousands of promises.




Meet In Galilee organizes the wonderful encounter between Mozart's musical work and the history of the region. 

The raison d'être of Meet in Galilee is to create a space beyond all frontiers of whatever order, to break the preconceptions about the region, to make known Saint Jean d'Acre, land where the different communities know how to live together.


In this spirit, Meet in Galilee organizes every two years a festival of lyrical art coupled with an economic and / or scientific forum.



The Friends of Meet in Galilee have the mission to promote French excellence in Israel, in particular thanks to a lyric art festival which takes place every 2 years in Acre in the magnificent courtyard of the Crusader fortress listed as World Site Heritage   


Partners in life and in dance, Noa Wertheim, choreographer and Adi Sha’al, dance, co direct the Vertigo Dance Company wich was founded in 1992.


Vertigo is a high acclaimed international contemporary – a mosaic of talended artists that takes the audience, each and every time, to an unpredictable, exciting and challenging journey to unknown places.


Participating in major cultural centers in global and capital cities and in prestigious festival worldwide, Vertigo’s creations express an international message of israeli art relating to current social realities to audiences through its unique langage of body and movement.


Vertigo operates a Danse School established in Jerusalem in 1997 – having classes in modern dance, ballet, contact improvisation, African dance, Feldenkreis, Gaga & Tai Chi.


Since 2002, the Vertigo Danse Workshop provides a framework for training professional dancers.


Vertigo runs Outreach Performances and Workshops for divers communities in Israel, including the physically challenged and people with special needs.


The professional work of the Vertigo Dance Company is supported, among other by : The Ministry of Arts and Culture, the Ministry of Forein Affairs, the Ministry of Tourism, the Jerusalem Municipalityn the Jerusalem Foundation, the Suzanne Dellal Center, various foundations and private donors.


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Contact Person: Yohanna Kremer, Director of Development –

Tel: +972-505740322



The social values ​​of the theater

Training and staff:

Every week the adolescents take part in workshops on the following domains:

Monologues and character analysis – analysis of different characters, angles and point of views, conflicts, team work and emotional process of characters encounter the participants and their lives. Currently taught by Gal Hurvitz, theater director in France and Israel and the founder of the theater.

Physical theater - clown work, masks, comedia de l’arte, circus and more. The physical training encourages self-confidence, trust, self-humor , body image and more. taught by Ronen Sadis, a professional clown and circus artist

Voice training and singing lessons by Mira Awad, a well-known arab-israeli singer and actress known from promoting peace through art and singing. By singing they discover lyrics and the importance of words in theater and in life.

Improvisation - Improves life skills such as spontaneity , immediate response to different situations, pragmatism ,time pressure and working in collaboration with others without fear. Currently taught by Effim Rinnenberg a well-known director and actor in Jerusalem and

founder of the Martef theater.

Acting workshops with : Maor Zagory, Alma Dishi, Hava Ortman, Agam Rodberg, Yeoshua Sobol and more.

Costume design and make up- costume design for theater from the 16 th century to contemporary theater and make up with Yuval Kaspin and Liron Menkin, both constume designers for Habima national theater as well as others. The adolescents design clothes for the end of the year spectacle as well as for a professional show in corporation with the

Israeli association of choreographers, a collaboration that was established this year.

Play writing- starting from work on monologues and working towards a complete play. At the end of the first year the theater will publish a book featuring the adolescent’s writings and their monologues will be played by the acting group.

Our mission:

Etty Hillesum was a 27 year old woman who lived during the Nazi occupation of Holland. She wrote a diary that was published 40 years after she perished in Auschwitz. At the heart of her diary lies the idea of human compassion and need for art and beauty to withstand the

many obstacles we all face. With the use of her art and writing, Etty HIllsum was able to face the infinite and horrific hardship forced upon her by the Nazis. With the use of dialog, compassion to others, faith in the goodness at heart and the greatness of the human spirit precisely at the terrible times of war she was able to change her world and ease the suffering of others.

We decided to shape this center in Etty Hillesum's spirit, to make it into a theater and a melting pot for Israeli society, which will be based on dialog, understanding, beauty and art.

We want to serve as a jumping point and melting pot to at risk youth from a variety of sectors in Israel society. The theater offers an opportunity to create, aspire, set positive and reachable goals and experiment in the different fields of theater.

What we stand for:

Theater as a force of social change: 345,000 at risk youth live in Israel today. Our project allows underprivileged, at risk youth, to benefit from being at center stage, heard, seen and implemented in normative life. The theater provides tools needed for these at risk youth: place for self-expression, enhancement of self-esteem and sense of capability, team work, social integration, understanding of the other, mutual dialogue, confrontation with conflicts and desires and much more.

Art as a working tool: allows the teenager to express feelings and thoughts with no sense of threat, fear or shame, as for in the center of the dramatic event lays conflict, dialogue and strong emotions. At the theater, the youth is exposed to a variety of characters and views, and are learning to evolve original ways of thinking. Our theater allows its participants to

express themselves, listen and see the other and consequently improve their communication skills, concentration, empathy and social awareness.

Theater as a social integrator: The Theater helps at risk youth to discover a new and exciting world, to develop fields of interest and positive occupation during the afternoon hours and also a profession for life. Theater work nurtures necessary life skills such as: safe group environment which is often deprived of them, linguistic skills through dramatic texts, psychological analysis of characters and dialogues, body image issues through costume designs, dealing with conflicts and more.

Population and location:

The theatre resides in Jaffa Daled in the Ennis theater. The neighborhood is a fertile ground with a variety of populations which are fascinating to work with and allow a unique and rich theater practice. The theater's target audience is multi-cultural and from all parts the Israeli society with emphasis on local Jaffa residents, Jews, Arabs, new immigrants from Russia and Ethiopia. The theater operates in corporation and activates and initiates activities within the local community in which it resides.


The theater offers a three year intensive training in a variety of theater professions to 75 adolescents at risk from all parts of society. The theater operates 5 times a week.

We initiated our activity in November 2014 with 25 young participants from various backgrounds: Jews, Arabs, immigrants etc’.

The participants are 14-18 years old and mostly come from dysfunctional surroundings facing problems such as: prostitution, violence, drug abuse, neglect and more .

Supporters and collaborations:

The Ennis auditorium is provided in kind by the municipality of Tel-Aviv

Amongst our supporters: Municipality of Tel-Aviv, FSJU in Paris, Yahel foundation and Arkin foundation

Beit Lessin theater- workshops and lectures by actors and directors, free tickets to shows for the adolescents. We are currently forming an internship program in which the youth become the apprentices of Beit Lessin’s costume designers.

Gesher theater- We are currently working on a collaboration with the theater in order for the youth to perform there. The theater is also providing the youth with workshops and lectures by actors and directors, free tickets to shows for the adolescents.

Hasimta theater- The youth’s play is running at this theater once a month.

The Israeli association of choreographers- our adolescents will design clothes for one of their shows and participate as actors in one of their choreographers theater-dance shows.

Inbal Pinto dance company- Our adolescents go see their shows and participate in master classes with Inbal Pinto and Avshalom Polak, two of the most important choreographers working in Israel.














The Etty Hillesum Israeli Youth Theatre

The Etty Hillesum Israeli Youth Theatre is a unique and unprecedented project. The theatre which resides in Jaffa Daled, a disprivileged neighborhood of Jaffa r, offers intensive training in a variety of theater professions to youth at risk from all parts of society: Jews, Arabs, Immigrants who are operating the theater together. Training is provided by leading theater professionals from Israel . At the end of each year the students produce 4 theater show which are entirely created by them, from the play script to the costume designs. Last years

play, Romeo and Julia in a Commedia dell’arte version, was made entirely by the youth and is still played in various professional theatres in Israel.

The project is providing these marginalized youth with a stage to be seen and heard and to integrate into normative society using the tools they've acquired

The Project

Our theater is offering a solution for youth at risk, coming from especially difficult

backgrounds and environment in accordance with each individual's abilities. Social values are embodied in the arts of theater and allow those adolescents at risk to collaborate, meet the best talents in the field and find passion, interest and commitment in their afternoon hours. In the Etty Hillesum Youth Theater, each boy or girl are able to experience all aspects

of theater and professionalize in whichever field their heart desires. It’s the adolescents at risk themselves who build, write, act, choose music and take part in every aspect of the production with the assistance of the best teachers who worked with them throughout the year.

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Keren Hayesod launched the TEN program, which brings together young people from all over the world around a humanitarian project. Together, these young volunteers are trained and mentored to meet local needs in the areas of education and empowerment, health, agriculture and entrepreneurship. These young people come together for an intensive period of volunteering around a humanitarian project. A large-scale general interest project in favor of populations in need and sustainable development that allows them to surpass themselves individually and as a community. The “TEN” project thus fosters an active network of socio-civic leadership that identifies needs, possibilities and issues that can be addressed through social change initiatives.



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